Keep your Mac mini® cool and performant

Premium Features


Animated display

  • Animated OLED display
  • Showing case temperature, fan on/off and fan RPM
  • Switch between °C and °F
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  • Works completely independent from Mac mini®
  • No need to open your Mac mini®
  • Does not void your Mac mini® warranty
  • Powered via USB (cable included)
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    Temperature sensor

  • Real-time measurement of case temperature using its own sensor
  • Embedded microcontroller to regulate fan (PWM) and control display
  • Configure target temperature 20-40 °C
  • Does not require any software installation
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    Super silent

  • Massive super silent Noctua fan (18,1 dB), unhearable!
  • Raises Mac mini® of the table, increasing airflow underneath
  • Available in white or black finish
  • Straight from the lab

    Mac mini® Intel Core i7 3.2 GHz @ full CPU load

    Beauty meets functionality

    Available in different colors

    Slightly glossy white

    The contrast with the color of the Mac mini® makes that it stands out. The OLED display, also being white, matches nicely and creates a homogeneous, slick and clean look.

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    Slightly glossy black

    If you want to blend in with your Mac mini®, go for black. The OLED display shows white characters and really becomes an eye-catcher. Not to much, it is really not destracting, but it's there when you want to quickly glance at the current temperature and status.

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    Let's have a look inside the box

    What you get

    • Mini Cooler with embedded controller and OLED display
    • USB power cable
    • Genuine Noctua NF-A20-5V-PWM fan (18.1 db, 146,9 m³/h)
    • All required mounting screws
    • Manual - quick setup
    • (Mac mini® not included)

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